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The Multigenerational Workplace


with Michael Strawser

Welcome to The Multigenerational Workplace!

Thank you for joining this online course dedicated to helping participants thrive in the multigenerational workplace.

The course is designed to be on your own time using primarily webinar-style content and interactive workbooks. The course is designed by modules with most of the modules devoted directly to course content. The course includes over 2.5 hours of webinar-style content and 4 interactive workbooks.

The course has four modules.

Module 1: Leadership

Module 2: Transformational Teams

Module 3: Generational Differences

Module 4: Strategies

These modules have been designed both as standalone content and as structured content that builds off of content from previous modules. You can consume them in any order but my suggestion would be to start with Module 1 and move in order from there. I have included module descriptions below for easy access.



The purpose of this module is to present a foundational perspective on leadership. It is important to note that there is not one common and accepted-by-all definition of leadership. Instead, there are principles and best practices that can help individuals understand their own leadership style and adapt depending on the situation. By engaging in the self-assessment practices in this module, you will develop a clear understanding of yourself as a leader and the strengths you bring to a team. Content in this webinar includes leadership, mission, vision, goals, measurement, emotional intelligence, and managing up, down, and across.


1) Gain a more detailed understanding of leadership

2) Understand the implications of leadership in the modern workplace

3) Identify strategies to lead more effectively


Transformational Teams

The purpose of this module is to present best practices surrounding transformational teams. Every team is unique however by understanding the purpose of teams and establishing clear directives, leaders can prepare teams for any task. The content in this module presents content surrounding team effectiveness, culture, team foundations, leading and managing high-impact teams, decision-making, and problem-solving.


1) Develop strategies for leading a transformational team


Generational Differences

The purpose of this module is to present information related to generational differences. Generations, those born between a specified year range who often share life experiences of their formative years, have become hot-button conversation categories for organizations. As organizations try to effectively manage and lead up to five generations in the workforce, understanding the desires of each generation is a non-negotiable reality.


1) Gain a more detailed understanding of generational differences

2) Understand the implications of a multigenerational context for the workplace



The purpose of this module is to present strategies for managing a multigenerational workplace. Leaders can establish unique strategies to engage all generations and this module will help you develop your own plan for reaching Generation Z, Millennial, Generation X, and Boomer workers. The benefits of a multigenerational workforce are also discussed.


1) Develop strategies for leading a multigenerational team while increasing retention and engagement

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